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Title: Applicatives in the Context of Ethiopian and Eritrean Semitic Languages (EES)
Author⁄s: Tesfay, Tewolde Yohannes
Date issued: 2010
Type of document: Article
Is part of: Rivista di Grammatica Generativa, vol. 35 (2010), p. 75 - 119
Publisher: Padova, Unipress
Abstract: In this article, EES languages will be represented by Amharic (South EES) and Tigrinya (North EES). The framework and applicatives are briefly described in (1.0) and (2.0) respectively. In (3.0-3.4), verbs, affixes, arguments, vp shells and applicative functions in the context of EES are discussed. Finally, a conclusion is given in (4.0). In this article, there are several Tigrinya and Amharic examples indicated by a and b (as in 1a and 1b) respectively. The intention here is not to prepare a complete work on EES applicatives. However, this article may have a modest contribution for further research on applicatives in general and EES languages in particular.
Language: eng
Access rights: open
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